It has been denied by Reham Khan that she is out from Tabdeeli Reham Khan Ke Sath show. This show used to air on Neo News channel. We have been hearing these rumors that she is out from the show because of low ratings. On the other hand, Rehaam Khan is completely and fully denying these reports.

What Reham Khan has to say about the Rumors of Tabdeeli Reham Khan Ke Sath?

It was on the Reham Khan Twitter that she posted this news her staff members had not been paid since the time period of 2 months. She told the media that her show that used to air on Neo News channel has now been pulled off without giving her any kind of notice. She herself is quite angry because her show is not airing up and her staff members are not getting their pays. She further told the media that her show Tabdeeli Reham Khan Ke Sath was at the 20 spot when to count the names of top 100 best current affairs shows. She tweeted that her show managed to make a trick by getting 4 out of 5 rating. She told and expressed her worries to the media that the Neo news channel has not yet communicated with her.

Reham Khan said- Tabdeeli Reham Khan Ke Sath was a factual show

While praising her show, she told that her show Tabdeeli Reham Khan Ke Sath was one of the factual shows we have in the Pakistan news world. This current affair show has all the time been praised and well appreciated by the professors and students. She had this wish to bring some honest and sincere kind of journalism in Pakistan.

Reham Khan Clarifies Rumors Twitter Tabdeeli Reham Khan Ke Sath

New News channel has been giving this statement that it was because of Reham Khan lack of interest that they had to shut down this show. Channel charged her of giving much of the financial losses to them. But Reham Khan has been denying all of these reports. It is yet not known that whether Neo news channel is right or whether Reham Khan is right! The best relation between Reham Khan and its Twitter Account has concerns for many. Everything about Reham Khan becomes viral after her link as Imran Khan Ex wife.



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