Story Of Diva’ni In India Future And Prediction Store In Lahore

For the information, Diva’ni is the every first if its kind of India’s first and solo cinema inspired clothing label. It is an ethnic wear label. The inspiration has been derived from Shri. Yash Chopra. As we know that his actresses and heroines have all the time been unforgettable. Those actresses have always captivated beautiful and stunning imageries of themselves. You can also get these same look, Diva’ni store is all opened in India and they too making their headways in Lahore.

Bollywood-inspired fashion brand Diva’ni headed to Pakistan

Diva’ni in India- Joint work of Yash Raj Films and KBSH Private Limited

  • This Diva’ni in India is a joint work of Yash Raj Films and also KBSH Private Limited. This label will be able to take out that real and striking looking diva which is living right within you. You yourself have to discover your brand, you have to explore your own fashion and styling sense.
  • With the help of this Diva’ni clothing label, you will know your real and actual beauty. This Diva’nism is kind of philosophy and you have to understand that! It is your inner Diva that should now be explored.
  • If you want all of your negative hopes to overcome in your life then Diva’ni clothing label can show you the correct way. From this label, you will get the feeling that this air is freer where you are now standing!
  • You can sing like birds. Bring out that touch of romantic and also feeling of being cinematic in your lives.
  • Diva’ni will make you a new girl- flagship store will sooner be opening in Lahore
  • Its flagship store will sooner be making its way in Lahore. For the information, this Diva’ni is a costume partner of this upcoming film, Sultan. In the song Sachi Muchi, her clothing line has been designed by this label.

Diva’ni is all here to set you in a diva looking girl. Stay tuned with us so that we can give you more updates about the flagship stores of Diva’ni.

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