There is no one as I think, in Pakistan who still not listen about the Punjab Food Authority and team. The team of Punjab Food authority always ready to made any effort for hygienic food and its availability across the province. It is the good sign that Punjab Food authority is so much energetic in making things right for the citizens of Punjab.

Punjab Food Authority Helpline

Toll-free number is 0800-02345

(042) 35962893


Punjab Food Authority, Phone


The food points here in Punjab almost waiting for some good standards to be published by the Punjab food authority and some are actually serving it well. These food points must get in mind that Punjab Food Authority will never let any stone unturn and helping of PFA is available and easily accessible for public so that they can entertain them well. The powered milk is dangerous for health itself and when it experience it got worse. For example here in Lahore Punjab Food Authority got about 6550 KG expired powdered milk from the dairy form.

Itself it is clear cheating that Punjab Food authority wants to clarify that selling a powered milk in the same of liquid is crime due to health issues. The Ravi town team in Lahore is active nowadays and Ayesha Mumtaz looks happy with the team efforts. Those areas in Lahore are considered as backward, therefore, Punjab Food authority toll-free number helpline and other contact numbers as well so that people can alert them and help them in finding the culprit.

The least level of inspection is being observed by the Punjab Food authority, for example, the medical of workers of that food point particularly. It is very clear to all that there is no corruption in the department because no one is there to blameĀ  the effort made by the team. So pick up your phone and dial the helpline number of Punjab Food Authority so that the food points with no standards food should be the seal in all aspects.

There is no day when the newspaper never talks about the Punjab food authority its helping aspects in serving the good food in the province. It is very temperature to see such up gradation in all aspects. Food points are now not willing to let people that they can get awareness about the helpline of authority because it is dangerous for all.


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