Deep Brain Stimulation In Pakistan Introduced By Doctor Khalid Mahmood Lahore

It is for the information that Deep Brain Stimulation in Pakistan has been introduced and launched by Doctor Khalid Mahmood. By far, 2 lakh and 41 thousand people have made a visit to the site of Deep Brain Stimulation DBS.

Deep Brain Stimulation by Doctor Khalid Mahmood

  • It is a fact that this site of DBS has now become a source of medical tourism in Pakistan. It has been claimed by Doctor Khalid Mahmood that this site of DBS has been visited by lakh and 41 thousand people till now and these figures are quite an amazing one.
  • As all of us know that Doctor Khalid Mahmood is one of those surgeons who have done this pioneering surgery of subjected Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS). This surgery was right performed and carried out on the date of November 30, 2014, right at the Lahore General Hospital.

deep brain stimulation in pakistan

  • We have seen that this Lahore General Hospital is the only hospital and center that carried out these disorder surgeries. It is observed that this surgical procedure of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) has become a usual and routine task of General Hospital.
  • If we talk about the positives of this Deep Brain Stimulation surgery then it is studied that right in the last year, this surgery has treated the patients of Parkinson’s disease All of those patients underwent and carried out this DBS surgery right at the Lahore General Hospital./
  • The kind of DBS surgical procedure been carried out in Pakistan is of same standard likewise it is carried out in the western countries.

We can say that the greatest of all works has been done by Doctor Khalid Mahmood. We hope that this Deep Brain Stimulation surgery in Pakistan get more success. The government of Pakistan should also be lending their supporting hand so that this surgery can get all the necessary equipment it needed!

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