History Of Deep Brain Stimulation DBS Surgery In Pakistan

Deep Brain Stimulation DBS Surgery in Pakistan has been started by Professor Dr. Khalid Mahmood. He is a Fellow right at the Royal College of Surgeons of Glasgow. He has been the one and only Neurosurgeon working in Lahore who worked on this Deep Brain Stimulation DBS Surgery. Let us have a look at the details that who is he and what kinds of achievements he has made:

Professor Dr. Khalid Mahmood- mastermind of Deep Brain Stimulation DBS Surgery

  • For the information, he has been certified in Neurosurgery from Intercollegiate Board and that too from four of the Royal colleges of Surgeons. These Royal colleges of Surgeons were from the United Kingdom and also from Ireland. He got his training from the UK right in Neurosurgery. In the UK, he worked as the senior house officer. He also got the 7 years training from the Neurosurgical centers of England.



  • Professor Dr. Khalid Mahmood contributions in the Deep Brain Stimulation DBS Surgical department
  • He is the one who came up with the treatments of Epilepsy and also carried out this movement disorder surgery.
  • He is working in the Department of Neurosurgery which is a part of this General Hospital Lahore. This man is the real and actual leader of this Neurosurgical procedure in Pakistan
  • He carried our wide in a number of achievements in the sector of Functional Neurosurgery.
  • He also gave a shifting turn to this Lesional surgery. This surgery is carried out for the patients of Parkinson’s disease.

His medical services have all the time meet up the international standards. Right now, Professor Dr. Khalid Mahmood has been carrying out more of the research in this sector so that more training sessions and facilities can be given to the desired people. Such a great work is done by this man. We hope and pray that more advanced and latest methods in this Deep Brain Stimulation DBS Surgery can be introduced so that affected people can be treated rapidly.

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