Weight Loss Tips Diet Plan For Married Women 33 Years And Above

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If you have been facing an excessive weight gain issue and your age is also above 33 years then you should be following this diet plan. Here, we will be mentioning some of the weight loss tips. These tips and suggestions are for the married women. Check out them:

Weight Loss Tips Diet Plan For Married Women

Weight Loss Tips Diet Plan

If your weight is 90 plus kg and you have 2 to 3 kids then it a must for you that you should lose 20 to 30 kg weight os yours. You should be exercising right at a beginner level. These exercises should be done at an ‘accurate angle’. Try to adjust the weights like that of a dumbbell, you can too carry weight of barbell, you can run on a machine.

Diet Plan For Married Women 33 Years And Above

  • You should be taking 200ml of skimmed milk and 1 apple. Do also take 1/2 cup of oatmeal in your diet. Have 2 slices of bran bread and 2 egg whites as well.
  • In your breakfast, you can have 1 cup of salad and also 120 g of chicken, you can opt for the option of fish as well. Do have the intake of 45g homemade chapatti.
  • In the evening, you can have 1 cup of mixed fruits and 1 cup of mixed pulses. For perfect weight, you can have 1/2 cup of plain yogurt and 1/2 cup of rice.
  • It is a must for you that you should have 12-15 glasses of water on each single day.
  • You should not be taking deep fried items. Try to stay away from ghee and items like that of butter, sweets and also the stuff of bakery preparations. Do avoid fizzy drinks.
  • Try to have cereals and fat-free milk. You can have lots of fresh juices and also fruits and vegetables. Have nuts and legumes daily in your diet.

This is the diet plan which you should be following if you are fat and married and your age is above 33 years.

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