Balakot Danawr Swat Valley Pakistan Faced To Summits Of Mankial SWAT

Life gives you a chance only for once and if you have been given this chance to visit this Balakot Dawanr site then you should say yes! Just pack up your bags because this site is all waiting for. Do not waste any more time because each and every Swat site is waiting for you. It is one of the magical places in this world. Here, details about this Balakot Dawanr site will be shared with you. If you love traveling then this destination should be your next stop. Do not leave this destination because this site will make many special memories for you.

Facts about Balakot Dawanr


  • As we all know that this valley of Mankial has this T-shaped location. If we will start moving towards the western end of it then we will be able to see the villages of Balakot and also Dawanr. Both of these villages have been situated face to face, they are located right against these Mankial towering summits.
  • The dominant and primary language of these villages of Balakot Dawanr are Kohistani, many of the people also speak and have a conversation in Pashto. This Pashto language is quite common there, it is also easily understood by the people living over there.
  • The people who are living in Balakot, they make their earnings from farming, some of the people also do employment in few of the foreign countries. The main and cash crops of these villages are peas, they also grow potato and turnip and they grow cabbage as well.
  • You can have natural mountain honey from this place. These villages have been given the facility of Telephone and too electricity.

You have to visit these villages Balakot Dawanr, you will love these places! We will share more of the magical sites of Swat with you so stay tuned with on this page. Visit this place and you will forget all of the foreign tours.

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