If this place of Swat is fully loaded with the recreational sites and amazing looking places, this place is fully and wholly jampacked with lakes sites then how can we forget these Buddhist Shrines? This Swat place not only possess natural beauty and magical places and sites in it but it also encompassed with the museums and Buddhist Shrines as well. Here, you will get to know about the details of these Buddhist Shrines which are located in Sawat. If you will visit Swat, you will see that this place is filled up with large in a number of Buddhist Shrines and sites, it has stupas sites and caves and also rocks carvings in it.

Facts about Buddhist Shrines


  • In Swat, you will get to see large and massive in a number of Buddhist sites, you can make a visit to the stupas, you can have a look at the monasteries and also at viharas. You can see the settlements of these Buddhist Shrines, have a look at the ancient caves and also rock carvings. On these Buddhist Shrines, you will get to see the inscriptions, they have been scattered in these stupas and caves.
  • These Buddhist Shrines are present in the plains areas of Swat and also in the hilly regions of Swat. For the information, Fa-Hein actually came to Swat in the time period of 4th century A.D. He then wrote about 6000 in a number of monasteries in this Swat valley. Then we have this Sung-Yun who made a visit to this magical valley in the time period of 6th century A.D, he also records about 6000 images of the sacred monastery of that Talo (Butkara).
  • We have this Hsuan-Tsang, he came here in the time period of 7th century A.D. He was the one who mentioned about 1400 monasteries in this area of Swat, He actually made a confirmation of these extensive remains of this subjected Buddhist period.

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