Butkara Stupa Swat Pakistan, Buddhist Shrine Facts

For the information, this Butkara Stupa is one of the most important Buddhist stupas which is located in this Swat region. It was built by the Mauryan emperor named as Ashoka. It is dated slightly quite and much later to the 2nd century BC. If you have been to swat then you should also be visiting this informative place. This Swat place is so much filled up with these Buddhist shrines and stupas. Have a look at the information related to this Butkara Buddhist site:

Information about Butkara Stupa

  • We have heard that this stupa was actually excavated by that of an Italian mission. Then it was led and headed by an archaeologist named as Domenico Faccenna from the tome of 1956. He completed many of the steps and tasks related to the construction and also enlargement processes of this stupa.
  • If you will make a visit to Butkara stupa then you will be able to see that the main and primary Stupa actually stands in the middle pose and it is crowded with some of the monuments as well as other stupas. This Butkara is also surrounded with Viharas as well as columns.
  • This shrine has undergone many of the construction phases. It is an informative place without a doubt, we see that many of the tourists pay a visit to these stupas and shrines each and every year.

Butkara Stupa Swat Pakistan, Buddhist Shrine Facts


As you can clearly comprehend that this Swat place not only possess beauty and magical lakes, breath taking valleys and mountains in it, it also encompasses these ancient and historical shrines and stupas in it. Stay tuned with us because we will be giving you the detailed list of these Buddhist shrines and stupas which are located and situated in this Swat region. Do visit this ancient site and share your comments with us. Much info and knowledge will be inducted in your mind once you will visit this stupa.

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