Elephant Paw Shahkot Pass Swat Valley Pakistan, Facts

Right on the Shahkot Pass, you can make a visit to this Elephant Paw. This Swat place is one of the most explored places in this world. People love making a visit to its places. It places and regions, the lakes and mountains of Swat, the Buddhist stupas and shrines of this region are varied in number. You should take some time out from your lives and have a visit of this Elephant Paw Shahkot Pass Swat:

Details about Elephant Paw: Shahkot Pass

  • As we all know that this Shahkot Pass has been lying and situated right between the Mura Pass which is in the East, this pass is in between the Malakand Pass which is located on the West. This Shahkot pass is one of the most enchanting looking valleys we have. If we start moving towards its North-East side then you will get to see the vast and wide plains. You will catch the view of a small hamlet named as Shahkot Banda. This valley comes with numerous and wide in a number of Buddhist settlements as well.
  • If we start moving to the Southwest side of this Shahkot pass then Hathi Darra is located there. You can also call it with the name of Elephant Paw. It is located near the village Zalam Kot. This Elephant Paw is about and just 10 miles away from village Thanra and this village takes us on the main road of Swat.

Elephant Paw Shahkot Pass Swat Valley Pakistan, Facts


  • This Buddhist road was used to be basically constructed and made for the elephant caravan. It was made during that Kushan period. This road is 20 feet wide, it measures 6 miles and that too across the mountain. This Buddhist road joins and makes a connection of both of the sides of Shahkot pass.

Do visit this Elephant Paw: Shahkot Pass, you will really like it. More details about the enchanting places and sites of Swat will be shared with you.

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