Gabral Valley Swat Pakistan, Photos, Images, Info, Visits

If you want to visit this Gabral Valley then you must keep in mind that this valley can be accessible right from Utror. It is right away located at the terminus of the particular hiking trail. The major attraction of this magical site is the Kharkharai Lake. This Swat region is a dreamy place for you, it is the best place to spend time with your friends. You can call this place as a fairy tale world. Among these fairy tale places, we have this Gabral Valley. So, why should you visit this valley? What is so special about this valley? We will tell you about that!

Why should you visit Gabral Valley?

  • You should be making a tour of this valley because it has this Kharkharai Lake attraction in it. It is the magical lake, you will see a different life in it. It is a fair tale lake and once you will step into this lake, you will enter into a different world. If you want to feel all of these experiences then how can you miss out the visit of this valley.
  • This Gabral Valley is one of the recommended picnic spots we have, you can put your camps here. You can enjoy your BBQ parties and trip sessions over here. Take pictures over here and make all of these moments and memories the most special of all.

Gabral Valley Swat Pakistan, Photos, Images, Info, Visits


  • This Gabral Valley is one of the dominant valleys located in the Swat region. Feel the coldness of this valley. In winters time, this valley gets covered with snow, do you want to have a look at its snow covered peaks then visit this valley right now.

The minute you will be visiting this valley, you have to share your feedback with us on this page. You will love this valley, it does not matter you visit this valley for 3 to 4 times. This valley will all the time carries that appealing factor in. Its beauty is enthralling, check out this site and fall in love with the Swat region.

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