Gumbatuna Stupa Swat Valley Pakistan Archaeology

As we have seen that this Swat region is so much encompassed with stupas and Buddhist shrines. People love and like to make a visit to them. Here, we will be talking about the details of this Gumbatuna Stupa. If you have not visited this stupa then you should do that right now! We should be knowing an ancient site of this Swat region. It is an ancient stupa and comprises many of the historical facts and information in it. From here, you will get much meaningful information about this Gumbatuna Stupa:

Details about Gumbatuna Stupa

  • If we start describing the location of this stupa then for the information, this establishment is located right on the right bank side of that river Swat. It is 6km west of the Barikot village and located along the metalled road. This road is leading us towards Nimogram.
  • This Gumbatuna Stupa consists and comprises of the archaeological remains. You will see that these archaeological remains have been scattered and spread in a range of about 1500 meters. They are scattered from the sides od north to the sides of the south. These archaeological remains can also be seen the at the 1000 meters distance towards the east.
  • Its lower zone consist of the main stupa. This main stupa is encompassed and covered by that of the votive stupa. It is also surrounded by the columns which have been bounded and encapsulated by some enclosure wall.

Gumbatuna Stupa Swat Valley Pakistan Archaeology

Gumbatuna Stupa Swat

  • You will see that this main stupa has been standing on a square plinth, it actually measured up to 17m on each of its sides. It comes with a projection of 3.71m long and 3.82m wide.
  • This Gumbatuna Stupa is one of the long lasting preserved stupas in the region of Swat. It also consists if dome, you will be seeing its upper and too three lower drums. This stupa is resting on some square sort of podium and a scole.

Do visit it!

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