Jabba Swat Valley Pakistan Sky Touching And Highest Peaks Of Mount Mankial

If you are ever given this chance to visit this Jabba site then you should not at all be saying no! It is a magical site, you will love it. You really do not have to carry dollars in your pocket to have a look at the recreational sites. To visit these sites, you just need to have little money. Here we will be telling you the most special site of this Swat heavenly place. Yes, we are talking about Jabba. It is an interesting place, you will be lost in this fairy tale world. Here, check out the most interesting facts and information about this site. You will not wait for a single second to check out this site after reading this information about Jabba Swat Valley Pakistan

Facts about Jabba

  • Yes, without a doubt, this place is one of the most beautiful and also one of the exotic highlands in this Swat place. In this site, you will get to see the local people of Mankial, they are residing here. It is seen that these local people make an earning of their living by growing these vegetables like potatoes. They also carry out this livestock profession.
  • This Jabba site comes with a slightly kind of open valley. It is present in the form of a thick blanket having cedar forest on it, this site is also covered by the colorful kind of wild flowers. You will get to see orchards of fruits here.
  • If you will visit this Jabba site then you will be able to see the sky touching and highest peaks of mount Mankial. They are located in the east, you can catch the glimpse and view of these huge and massive glaciers. Have the view of these spectacular and magical waterfalls.

Jabba Swat Valley Pakistan Sky Touching And Highest Peaks Of Mount Mankial


  • You can also visit the pastures of Sor Kar with the help of this Jabba site. You will love the magical meadows of this Boksar, they come with massive beauty.
  • This site is loaded with the rich sort of wild life and you can get to see the Snow Leopard and also Markhor, you can have the view of Black Bear and also golden Monal.

Do visit this place!

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