List Of Emergency Numbers Lahore Fire Brigade Number Hospitals

Lahore is a big city and each after the other day, we come across and witness many of the situations of emergency. Whenever a fire broke out in some house, mall, plaza then we fail to contact the concerned Fire Brigade companies. When a fire broke out, it is an emergency situation. We need to be trained and we need to be made to learn that how can we come out from these emergency situations.

As soon as the emergency alarm rang, we have to right away call the Fire Brigade companies. In Lahore, we have many of the Fire Brigade companies working. Here, you can have a look at the Emergency Numbers, these are the number of Fire Brigade companies which are working in Lahore. If at any time you see such kind of emergency situation in your location and near by area, you should be dialing on these Emergency Numbers.

List Of Emergency Numbers Lahore- Fire Brigade Number

  • General Hospital- 99264091-8
  • Mio Hospital- 99211100
  • Services Hospital- 99203402-25
  • Jinnah Hospital- 99231400
  • Gangaram Hospital- 99200572-9
  • Fatmeed Bloodbank- 35863950
  • Edhi control- 115
  • Fire brigade-16
  • Rescue force- 1122
  • Bomb disposal- 99212111
  • Po9lice-15
  • Railway police help center- 1333
  • Railway inquiry- 117
  • PIA inquiry- 114

Emergency Numbers Lahore

Above is the complete list of emergency numbers of fire brigades and bomb disposal companies working in Lahore. They are quite efficient in their working. If you come across any emergency situation in your home, in your nearby location, in any mall or plaza then you should be conveying your emergency on these numbers. They will come right away to help you out. It will be better if you record and save all of these emergency numbers. The sooner you will be coming out from any emergency, better it will be for you. If we will get in hand more emergency numbers which are working in Lahore, we will let you know.

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