Madyan Swat Pictures, Map, Valley, Hotels, Weather Beauty Pakistan

If you really want to enjoy your life for once then it is the high time to do so! Try this Swat recreational and one of the most entertaining site. Yes, we are talking about Madyan. This Swat is a heaven place, it is a paradise place, no place in this whole world can match with its beauty and natural worth. This place carries som magic in it, each one us will be enthralled and amazed by the natural and beautiful looking sites of Swat. Here, our focus will only be on Madyan, check out the important details of this site. You should visit this site, it has som magic and special power in it, you will start enjoying life one more time if you get to see this place! What are you waiting for, pack your bags, get some money and your savings and make your way to Madyan:

Facts about Madyan

  • This valley of Madyan has been situated and located about 56 kilometers right in the north of Mingora. It is located on the main road and this main road takes us to the Bahrain and te sites of Kalam. Through this main road, we can also get to see and have a look at the beautiful and magical valleys of Swat.
  • Madyan comes with a riverside location. It has a cool climate. It is one of the attractive spots and no one has a doubt about it. This place has wide in a number of shops and also hotels in it. Large in a number of restaurants are also queued over here and that too along the road.
  • The special thing about this place is the trout hatchery, you can also see some local handicrafts and works of embroidery here. You can see the antiques right at the roadside shops.


Madyan Swat Pictures, Map, Valley, Hotels, Weather Beauty Pakistan

Madyan Swat Pictures

  • Here Madyan, you can use the internet, your cellular networks will be working. You will be enjoying cable over here. Hotels are restaurants are here.
  • It has tall mountains and they are covered with the green foliage. You will see the concrete houses in this beautiful and magical town of Madyan.

Do visit Madyan!

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