Miandam Swat Valley Map Pakistan Pictures, Hotels, Temperature,Weather

It is a fact that this place of Swat is fully loaded and jam packed with much of the recreational sites. Each of the place in Swat is like a heaven on earth, they are such attractive and appealing looking places that we cannot explain in words! We cannot explain and describe the natural and magical beauty of these sites. Among these magical sites, how can we forget this Miandam. This place has been surrounded by mountains and you will lose in this magical and dreamy world once you will step into it. Here, more of the details about Miandam are written, you can have a look at them:

Details about Miandam

  • This place has ben encircled and surrounded by mountains. You can say that it is a picturesque and best of the tourist resort. It is located right at the distance of about 57 km and that too from Saidu Sharif.
  • Miandam has a bunch of surrounding mountains around it. Because of these mountains, in the summer time, the sun is not allowed and permitted to put its shadow on this appealing looking resort.
  • It is one of the coolest places in Swat. You will get to see A PTDC motel and also few hotels in this area. You can also stay in the official guest houses, they are too located in this area.
  • This Miandam site has been loaded and filled up with the refreshing and appealing view of large and massive forests. You will get to see fruit orchards and also flowing streams here. What else you want!

Miandam Swat Valley Map Pakistan Pictures, Hotels, Temperature,Weather

Miandam Swat Valley Pakistan

Now, it is a must for you to visit this magical place Miandam. If you visit it then so share your pictures with us. It is the time to start enjoying life for one more time, these are heavenly places and you can feel by being the part of this heaven by visiting this place. Stay tuned because more information about Swat recreational sites is on their way.

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