Pakistan Railway Train Rail Names Updated List 2017

If you are looking for the Pakistan Railway Train Rail Names Updated List 2017 then here you can get the complete information. We know that most of the people do not have correct and authentic information with regard to these Pakistan Railway Train Rail Names. We have this updated list 2017 for you, below are the details and Train Rail Names:

Pakistan Railway Train Rail Names- Updated List 2017

  • 24DN- Akbar Express via FSLD (DN)
  • 23UP- Akbar Exp
  • 10DN- Allama Iqbal Express (DN)
  • 9UP- Allama Iqbal Express (UP)
  • 202DN- Attock passenger (DN)
  • 201UP- Attock passenger (UP)
  • 14DN- Awam EXP
  • 13UP- Awam EXP
  • 206DN- Babu passenger (DN)
  • 205UP- Babu passenger (UP)
  • 112DN- Badar Express (DN)

Other list of Pakistan Railway Train Rail Names

  • 111UP- Badar Express (UP)
  • 180DN- Badin Express (DN)
  • 179UP- Badin Express (UP)
  • 26DN- Bahauddin Zikria Express (DN)
  • 25UP- Bahauddin Zikria Express (UP)
  • 4DN- Bolan mail (DN)
  • 3UP- Bolan mail (UP)
  • 350DN- Chaman Mixed (DN)
  • 349UP- Chaman Mixed (UP)
  • 136DN- Chenab Express (DN)
  • 135UP- Chenab Express (UP)
  • 210DN- Faiz Ahmed Faiz Passenger (DN)
  • 209UP- Faiz Ahmed Faiz Passenger (UP)
  • 38DN- Fareed Express via Pakpattan (DN)
  • 37UP- Fareed Express via Pakpattan (UP)
  • 114DN- Ghouri Express (DN)

Updated list of Pakistan Railway Train Rail Names

  • 113UP- Ghouri Express (UP)
  • 5UP- Green line (UP)
  • 6DN- Green line (DN)
  • 12DN- Hazara Express (DN)
  • 11UP- Hazara Express (UP)
  • 108DN- Islamabad EXP
  • 107UP- Islamabad EXP
  • 40DN- Jaffar Express (DN)
  • 39DN- Jaffar Express (UP)
  • 204DN- Jand passenger (DN)
  • 203UP- Jand passenger (UP)
  • 42DN- Karakoram Express (DN)
  • 41UP- Karakoram Express (UP)
  • 20DN- Khushal Khan Khattak Express (DN)
  • 19UP- Khushal Khan Khattak Express (UP)
  • 2DN- Khyber mail (DN)
  • 1UP- Khyber mail (UP)
  • 138DN- Lala Musa Express (DN)
  • 137UP- Lala Musa Express (UP)
  • 126DN- Lasani Express (DN)
  • 125UP- Lasani Express (UP)
Updated and current Pakistan Railway Train Rail Names
  • 124DN- Sargodha Express (DN)
  • 123UP- Sargodha Express (UP)
  • 226DN- Shaheen Passenger (DN)
  • 225UP- Shaheen Passenger (UP)
  • 28DN- Shalimar express (DN)
  • 27UP- Shalimar express (UP)

Just stay tuned with us because more information about these Pakistan Railway Train Rail Names and their updated List 2017 is yet to be shared with you. We are sure that now whenever you will be carrying out your journey on this Pakistan Railway Train, you will know about these rail names.

These rail names are very important because these names makes and let you to reach to your desired destination.

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