Pari Khapiro (Fairy) Lake 1 Swat Valley Pakistan

Pari / Khapiro (Fairy) Lake- 1 is all waiting for you to catch the glimpse of it. Once you will see the pictures of this lake on the sources of Internet, you will fall in love with it. This lake is a magical lake. It carries some superb and amazing level of beauty in it. This Swat valley is so much covered with beautiful looking lakes then our eyes just get wide open. Our country Pakistan is so much blessed because we have this paradise and heaven in Swat. Below are the important details of this lake:

Facts about Pari / Khapiro (Fairy) Lake- 1

  • This lake is located and situated at some high altitude. It is located at the foot of that tallest peak. This lake comes with a considerable and maximum depth. This lake is called by the name of Pari and also Khapiro because people have this belief that fairies used to live and used to take bathe in this lake.
  • This lake has cool and also clear water in it. You can have an access to this lake if you will be traveling from the North-east of that Utror valley
  • You can also access this lake right from both Izmis lake and too from the Kundal lake. This lake has been surrounded by some of the sharp kinds of jagged rocks. It is too covered by the peaks. This lake comes with scanty looking grass, you will see massive growth of flowers at this lake.
  • It is small in size and length lake. It is triangular in shape. You will see many of the white and magical looking gushing waterfalls around it.

You will love this lake! You will love its crystal clear water. Its water tells us a different story about life. Do not miss out this chance in your life to have a look at this lake. This lake carries heavenly elements in it. Do visit it and praise its beauty.

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