Pari Khapiro Fairy Lake 2 Swat Valley Pakistan

It is a fact that Pari / Khapiro (Fairy) Lake- 2 is one of the important tourist attractions located in the Swat valley. This lake has that enthralling beauty in it. Once you visit this Swat valley, you cannot at all wait without having a look at this lake. It is one of the greater in size and length lakes we have in this valley. From the month of July till the months of Sept, you can visit this lake. Here, some important information about this Pari / Khapiro (Fairy) Lake- 2 will be given to you. Below are the facts about this lake:

Details about Pari / Khapiro (Fairy) Lake- 2

  • For the information, this Pari Lake II is located and situated right at the highest altitude of that of the mountain ranges of Swat valley. It is much and quite comparatively greater and massive in size. It is also greater in depth when compared to the other lakes located in this Swat valley.
  • You will see and notice that the western face of this Pari / Khapiro (Fairy) Lake- 2 remain open. Its water also flows down right to the Kundal Lake. This Kundal lake is located in the downside of foothills.

Pari Khapiro Fairy Lake 2 Swat Valley Pakistan

  • Once you will visit this lake, you will see that many of the towering and huge mountains surround and cover this lake. If you want to make a night stay at this lake then you must be taking tents along with you. This tent is located at the extreme height and altitude and you will not be able to find any fire wood here. It is a must for you to carry some gas cylinder here at this lake.
  • This Pari / Khapiro (Fairy) Lake- 2 is about a quarter a kilometer when it comes to its length. It is also surrounded and covered by some of the steep pastures. This lake is one of the worth visiting lakes so far. This lake has an ecological importance in it.

Do visit this Pari / Khapiro (Fairy) Lake- 2!

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