If you do not have a single amount of information and details about this Tokar Dara (Najigram) Stupa & Monastery then in this section we can help you in that! This Swat region is one of the breath taking regions in this whole world. This region is a paradise for the people of Pakistan, it is like a heaven for each and every Pakistan. This place is also covered with many of the shrines and ancient sites. Here, we will be telling you about this Tokar Dara (Najigram) Stupa & Monastery, you should have a complete info about this monastery if you ever make a visit to Swat:

Details about Tokar Dara (Najigram) Stupa & Monastery


  • For the information, the location of this Buddhist site of Tokar-dara is about 5km right to the south of Barikot. It is located on the way to Karakar pass and this Buddhist site of Tokar-dara also lies 1km right from the village of Najigram.
  • This Tokar Dara (Najigram) Stupa & Monastery is one of the largest stupas that have been preserved and stored in this subjected area. This stupa comprises of a hemispherical dome, it too consists of the upper and too lower drums. These upper and lower drums are rested on a square kind of podium and a socle. This Tokar Dara (Najigram) Stupa & Monastery is about 32m long while moving to the south-north and it is about 72m long while moving to the east-west side.
  • This stupa is protected by a wall as well. You will see that main and primary stupa has been surrounded and covered by some of the votive stupas. These votive stupas were completely and wholly destroyed by some unauthorized sort of hunters. But if you will visit this site, you can see some of the traces of that votive stupa.
  • If you will start moving right on the eastern side of this Tokar Dara (Najigram) Stupa & Monastery, you can catch the view of the cave. Its entrance is too blocked just about half of its actual height. We heard that this cave was actually by some monks for their purposes of meditation.

Do visit this Tokar Dara (Najigram) Stupa & Monastery.



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