We All know that there is no other speech would have such young audience in Pakistan as compare to the speech of Imran Khan PTI leadership. The only reason is the whole maxim is actually the personality Imran Khan have with the perfect match of Actions and words.

Imran Khan is the man of words and all media coverage showed it’s ideal that Imran khan is the only person whose speeches actually interpret events in the same timeline. Those events that actually shows the highest pace of happening rather focusing on just words. The Imran Khan Full Speech In PTI Lahore Jalsa is about the corruption and its news ways using by the current government. The man started his speech with the name of ALLAH and after putting all speech in front of ALLAH he did utter about 1st May 2016 Labour Day. The Labour day is actually for that lowest community actually struggling specifically in Pakistan and there is no one who can speak for them but Imran khan did.
Imran Khan Full Speech In PTI Lahore Jalsa 1st May 2016
Imran khan speaks about the Labour and-and productivity ways used by the Sialkot SAGA sports. The example has impacted more as compared to other parts of the Imran Khan Full Speech In PTI Lahore Jalsa 1st May 2016 Charing Cross Lahore Mall Road. The speech actually shows me at the second level approach of corruption as well using by the current government and ruling party as well. The example of just purchasing an MRI machine and 1 Lakh Dollar amount in the foreign account is untold story of corruption uttered by the Imran Khan.
He just said one example and me still wonder that there may be many ways for the corruption in the post-modern age. One can hope that I shall live in days of Imran Khan where he would act as prime minister in Naya Pakistan. After talking about the Labour Day, Corruptions ways, Non-league allegations and Nawaz Sharif he just thanks, all team and other administration who is just managing the event of PTI Lahore Jalsa 1st May 2016 Charing Cross Lahore Mall Road. Last he invited Ibrar-ul-Haq to come and entertain the public because the counting of people is still beyond thinking.



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