Karachi Citizen Database Process Coming Soon To Stop Terror Activities

For the Karachi residents, sooner data base system will be put up by them. For the safety of Karachi people, this initiative and step have been taken by the Government of Pakistan. It has been reported by the Interior Minister named as Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan that proper documentation of all of the residents of Karachi will be ensured sooner. This system will be able to identify all of the locals as well as non-locals who are living and residing in Karachi. He also told the media that surveillance cameras will for sure be installed under the Safe City Project.

Karachi Citizen Database

Details of Karachi Citizen Database Process- Safe City Project for Karachi

  • A team of legal experts will also be put up that will be working closely with these joint investigation teams (JITs). A digitized kind of crime record database will be out up.
  • It is to be noted that this project named as Safe City Project for Karachi will be just like Islamabad. With the installation of these surveillance cameras, the security and protection of each and every resident of Karachi will be ensured. It will be right after Eid 2016 that further work on this Crime Database Framework will be able to start.
  • Though many of the terrorist activities have been reduced a lot during the time of 2015. They have been decreased by 45 percent but we need to work more and more. We have by far witnessed and seen a 39 percent reduction in the killing incidents.
  • The security and also intelligence agencies need to work closely. The department of police should also play an important role so that complete peace in the city of Karachi can be ensured.

It is the high time that all of us should demonstrate and show a sense of unity to conquer this psychological war which is against terrorism. A smoother co-operation should be build up right between the federal government and the provincial governments.

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