Qaim Ali Shah Removal As Chief Minister of Sindh Soon

It is expected that PPP will be removing Qaim Ali Shah from the post of CM of Sindh. A surprising move has now been taken by the top most leadership of PPP and news is in the air these days that Qaim Ali Shah will be removed from the post of CM of Sindh sooner.

Qaim Ali Shah Removal As Chief Minister of Sindh

As all of us know that Qaim Ali Shah became the Chief Minister of Sindh for the 3rd time. The previous day, a joint meeting session took place among the top most leaders of PPP. This meeting was chaired and head by the former president of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari. In that meeting, the top leadership of PPP came on this decision that Qaim Ali Shah should be replaced now.

This meeting also discussed the issues that whether the powers of Rangers should be expanded and extended or not. It was reported that when Qaim Ali Shah landed right at the airport of UAE, he himself was not at all aware about this shuffling.

The Senior Minister of Sindh named as Murad Ali Shah can be one of the top most candidates to be hired for the post of CM of Sindh. Farhatullah Babar told the media that PPP has decided to make some of the prominent changes in its cabinet, further, he told the media that PPP will also be replacing their CM of Sindh.

It is heard that Asif Ali Zardari wants to extend the powers of Rangers but he wants to have this assured that Rangers will not arrest any of the elected member or any of the bureaucrat.

Let us all see that who will be replacing this 83-year-old man Qaim Ali Shah. Will it be Mural Ali Shah, we have to check out that! Stay in touch with us to get to know the future CM of Sindh.

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