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Abdul Sattar Edhi Quotes Said By Him During His Life

Abdul Sattar Edhi was a great man, he was a real human being. He is gone but he taught us the lesson all the time that we should respect human beings and humanity. He was the father of orphans, he was the shelter for unprevileged children. He was the protector of abandoned women and girls. He was their rescue, he was the guardian of the dead bodies. He was the soul protector of humanity. During his life, he did great and wide in a number of noble and greatest works. It is quite difficult to list even few of them. His sayings and his own quotes give us a huge and massive lesson to our lives. If we will understand just 1% of his quotes then we can for sure understand the real meaning of humanity.

He was the one who used to bury the dead ones. Even if the dead bodies were stinking one, he used to clean them up and bury them up. He was of this belief that dead ones will always go up. It does not matter where you will be burying them up, they will go up. So do take care of the dead bodies and bury them up as soon as possible.

Abdul Sattar Edhi Quotes Said By Him During His Life

  • He told us that way that how can we impress God, he all the time said that long words and long praises do not at all impress God. You should be showing your good and noble deeds to your God to make Him happy.

Abdul Sattar Edhi Quotes Said By Him During His Life

  • He all the time convinced that people should become human now, he thought that people do not understand humanity. He said that though people have become educated now, but they have not understood humanity so far.
  • His religion was only humanitarianism. He convinced and put forward this point that in this world, humanitarianism religion is the basis of each and every religion.

May the soul of Abdul Sattar Edhi rest in peace.

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