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Electronic Stamps Papers E-Stamping For Land Records In Punjab First Time In Pakistan

It is heard that E-Stamping will be starting right in the Gujranwala division from 26th July 2016. In the 6 districts of this Gujranwala division, this process and initiative of E-Stamping will be starting from 26th July 2016. We are sure that the system of Punjab board of Revenue will work with more perfection with the introduction of this project.

Positives of Electronic Stamps Papers E-Stamping For Land Records In Punjab

  • On 19th July 2016, an awareness seminar also took place that highlighted the importance and significance of this E-Stamping.
  • As soon as this project will be launched then those yellow color stamped papers will become useless, they will not be used in future. It is also to be noted that those authorized stamped papers will too become redundant and useless.
  • With this E-Stamping, you can deposit the amount by making use of your credit card. You can also visit the Bank of Punjab branch and get a white paper from there. This traditional method for land records will no more be in use because this latest technology of E-Stamping is all here now.
  • It is the need of the time that we need to get out from this old practice of issuing stamp papers. In the old days, people have to stand and wait in long queues to get these stamp papers. This entire process has been replaced by E-Stamping.

Electronic Stamps Papers E-Stamping

  • You just have to do your online payment and the complete proceedings will be printed on a white paper. This white paper will be called as e-stamp paper and you can make use of this paper for all kinds of agreements and contracts.
  • If you want to carry out your court purposes, if you want to sale some property, if you want to purchase some deeds then this e-stamp white paper can be used.

This initiative taken by the Punjab government has lots of positives and plus points. Once this project gets successful in Gujranwala division, it will for sure be extended in other cities.

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