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Punjab Courier Service Number Plates Excise And Taxation Functional In Lahore

Another good step just comes and show that Punjab is leader province as compared to other provinces in Punjab. Excise And Taxation Punjab Department now going to start a pilot project in Lahore to deliver number plates at home. All preparation made to take such step in all departments to show that how the department is functional and thinking about the welfare of people. Now Private courier company is liable to deliver number plates at home. For this pilot study now Excise and Taxation Punjab is willing to do any aspect in all ways.

Excise And Taxation Punjab Courier Service Number Plates Functional In Lahore

The lowest rate of home delivery is being offered by the Excise and Taxation department because the computerized system made it cost effective as well without the involvement of any personal aspect of it. The administration of excise and taxation department now thinking to apply the method in all Punjab if it gets success in Lahore. The Lahore is a major district in Punjab and now most of the areas following Lahore for the new law implementation.


These aspects would be considered later in the Punjab. The structure of such courier company is open for all and made public through City 42 news channel. The private company is going to monitor such way without any further complex aspects. All kinds of process are completed now and department just started the way towards the best delivery aspect. The delivery of number plates at home is almost discussed ideally in such way that may cater many internal issues lies in the department.

Those issues are about to get through different parties but now the designated officers of Excise and taxation department would get the opportunity to server the nation in all aspects. Hope the online and computerized number plates system in Punjab would get the same vision as mostly buzzed by administration in reality.

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