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History Of Lahore Ancient Monuments Of Old City

This fact will add in your world of information that Lahore is one of the oldest cities in this world. That Rang Mahal Chowk is the oldest one landmarks in this old walled city of Lahore. For the information, it was the time of 1022 when due to the carnage of Mahmud, this Lahore city lost all of its old and ancient structures. It is a fact that this Old city of Lahore is lacking those ancient monuments in History Of Lahore.

Why this old city of Lahore has not a single ancient monument in it?

  • It was the time of 1241 AD when about 30,000 Mongols made this pledge to destroy and eliminate this Lahore city from this planet earth. This fierce kind of army started their task and you will not believe that within 21 days, they destroyed each and everything of Lahore. They destroyed and slaughtered men and women, the streets of Lahore were filled with blood.

History Of Lahore

  • Now, 100 years have been passed now and Lahore city managed to rebuild itself for one more time. It was also during the Panipat war that ancient monuments of Lahore were destroyed. It was only Shah Jehan and also Akbar who gave Lahore back its real and actual glory. When Aurangzeb died then you would have noticed that many of the Lahore ancient monuments started to decay except that Badshahi mosque

It is since the time of 90 years that the chaos has been witnessed in this Lahore city. When the Sikh era and time period came, then this Lahore city had been neglected all the time. When the British government came to power and they wanted to construct their own railway lines then they also deteriorate some of the ancient and old monuments of Lahore city. We just hope and pray that may we preserve and protect the current ancient monument of this old city of Lahore.

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