Chairman Wapda Zafar Mehmood told the media that this Kalabagh Dam project will be beneficial for all of the four provinces of Pakistan. He asserted that we should not think that this project will make a discrimination and benefit a single province of Pakistan. Instead, the technical aspect of this project highlight on these points that this project as a whole move the economical cycle of Pakistan.

Kalabagh Dam is beneficial for the economy of Pakistan

  • As we know the provincial government of Sindh as well as of KPK have been criticizing this project since a long time. They are not at all in favor of this project. Chairman Wapda Zafar Mehmood asked and convinced the provincial government of Sindh that they should at least the critical feasibility analysis of this project, they should know the technical productive aspects of this project before criticising on it. He urged PPP MNA Nafeesa Shah not to create misunderstandings regarding this project.
  • He, Chairman Wapda Zafar Mehmood told the media that sooner he will be bringing more productive facts and figures with regard to this project line. He is this belief that people are still unaware about the miracles and magic that will be done by this project. He told the media that it is the time that we should tell people that this Kalabagh Dam will do magic and wonders for them.

Kalabagh Dam Benefits For All 4 Provinces Chairman Wapda

We should support Kalabagh Dam

It is since years that we are having a conflict on this Kalabagh Dam. So far, no solutions have been made that whether this project should be carried out nor not. It is the time that we should remove the understandings with regard to this project which the remaining provinces are having in their minds! This project will give benefits to all four provinces, it is a project of Pakistan. This project will not give benefits to one single province. Kalabagh Dam will do wonders for us once it will be started.



  1. Mr zafar mahmood must be given chance before all provincial assemblies to take kala bagh dams facts to convince them in national interest.
    electronic media should cover it than let public representative decide.
    than public will certainly decide waht they think about kala bagh sam through their vote in nest election.

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