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Ombudsman Soft Complaints System With Effective Procedure Soon

Soft Complaints System will sooner be started as reported by Ombudsman. It is told by Salman Farooqui to the media that from 2013 till June 2016, 2 lakh complaints have been registered and solved by far.

Ombudsman Soft Complaints System

  • According to this complaint system, issues and complaints of citizens at the district and tehsil level will be addressed. This complaint system comes with effective kind of procedure and it will sooner be implemented in your cities.
  • Right now, this Soft Complaints System has been working in the 36 districts and 90 in a number of Tehsils of Pakistan. The Federal government has now given permission to this department that they can now extend their services at a country level.

Ombudsman Soft Complaints System

  • From 2013 till June 2016, Ombudsman Soft Complaints System have registered and sorted out 2 lakh complaints and not a single complaint have been filed for further appealing in front of President of Pakistan. Even if you think that the decision of this Soft Complaints System is not right according to you then you can further file for the petition. Your case will be reviewed for one more time.
  • The decision of 93% of cases has been properly implemented. In the previous time, 60 days were usually taken for the decision purposes. Now. 45 days will be taken and a speedy decision will be taken. It is an effective and fair body. If the citizens and residents at the district and community level, at the tehsil wants to file their complaints then they should be making their headway towards this body.

Ombudsman Soft Complaints System will for sure try to bring a positive and productive change in our community and society. The progress of this system will sooner be shared with you. As per the permission granted by the Federal government, we are confident that this system will be able to deliver its services in an effective way.

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