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Pakistan Celebrating International Women’s Day 2016 Theme Pledge For Parity

The women segment here in Pakistan actually not so much motivating as per statistics argue. The women sector in Pakistan has been achieving success for many years. There are many non-profitable organizations that are raising their voices about the women segment in male dominating society. Women Day comes every year and enforces administrative bodies here in Pakistan to think about the women again.

Pakistan Women’s Day 2016

Women Day

Every year there is new hopes to boost women role. There are many limitations culturally and traditional upon women that did not let the women participate in society dominantly. Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad are big cities of Pakistan and only women over here in these cities can get advantage from women policies of the government. The women policies or programs are here in Pakistan actually dominating in these cities rather than other cities.

Celebrating Women Day 2016 on 8 March

The woman is there in Pakistan to support the vision of Pakistan to boost ideally. The Pakistani nation cannot think of success minus woman element from society. The potential of women as working lady as well as the potential of men as working male is actually same while evaluating skills in a best way. Women Day is consensus day here in Pakistan to evaluate that either legal rights are being utilized by women.

International Women Day

Legal rights are actually given assurance to female that may support them on all platforms. The perfect way to boost women community is only to give them assurance about legal rights. Legal rights are eventually an approach to thinking about leading a life in a perfect way. Punjab is a province of Pakistan and the first one in grasping the importance of women in legal ways. For example, women community at Facebook named as 50 power women is there to protect women according to legal authority in best approach.

Women Day 2016

The legal rights may ensure the women towards violence against women in the big platform. The social platform is important more than other platforms here in technological perspective. Violence against women is actually an approach that can tackle through legal rights or laws. Each year Women Day and specifically Women Day 2016 come with new promise to protect women in Pakistan on every front.

Pakistan Women Day 2016

There is no denial that women participation in economic sector as the same approach is best one without any ambiguity. Health issues come with women because there is consistent need of health participation that is not being provided by Pakistan equally along with education and governance rights.

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