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Pakistan National Action Plan Needs Implementation

It has now been a year that our Pakistan National Action Plan has been initiated. Now all of the critics and many of the experts are debating on its ownership and also on its implementation and efficacy. We need to have more revisions in this national action plan because of in the wake of that Charsadda attack.

What can be the ideal implementation of NAP?

  • This NAP requires institutional and also a the same time structural adjustments.
  • Irs implementation requires an extensive kind of multidimensional interventions.
  • It should be taken into view that the execution of all of the convicted terrorists should be retained to the ministry of interior also to the provincial prisons departments.
  • If we want to ensure complete and quick disposal of terrorism-related cases, then we need to make operational al of the military courts. It is the time that we should enhance the efficacy of all of these existing anti-terrorism courts.
  • We need to keep on strengthening and also keep on activating Nacta. We should also be having a fulltime police officer force that will be hiring professionals. As we all know that a joint intelligence directorate will sooner be started functioning in the time of June 2016. In this way, National Action Plan might be able to be implemented in a better way.
  • We also have to counter hate speech and also extremist material. All of the people who print such kind of material, they should be nabbed right away.
  • Through the better implementation of National Action Plan, we also have to choke out the financing for militant groups. The establishment of the National Terrorists Financing Investigation Cell will be able to track the financial transaction of them.

National Action Plan

My View

We have to stop the funding of extremism and terrorism. It is the time to make some of the collective efforts. The responsibility of the Counterterrorism Department and also the Special Branch  and administration should be completed and fulfilled in a proper way and manner. We also have to get done with the process of the registration and regulation of madressahs. Now zero tolerance should be showed for the militancy. Now let us all start dealing firmly with all of the sectarian militants. Let us all start reforming the criminal justice system. We should now say no to terrorism. Start doing some serious work.

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