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Abdul Sattar Edhi A Legend Of Pakistan National Hero

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Abdul Sattar Edhi is no more with us, he left us! He was a true Legend, he was a man of words, his religion was humanity. Such true men and such legends are hardly born. Pakistan and even this whole world will miss him. He came up with this charitable empire which none of us have created so far. He worked without thinking to get a reward. It had been a few months back when Abdul Sattar Edhi had a critical condition. Yesterday, he was on a ventilator and then he left us!

Abdul Sattar Edhi- mastermind of largest welfare organization in Pakistan

Yes, he is the real mastermind of largest welfare organization working in Pakistan. It is with the help of private donations that he carried out the tasks of this charitable empire. He was such a simple man that he just needs 2 sets of clothes form him. He did not want to have luxuries in his life. He used to live in a windowless room that was adjoined with the office of his charitable empire foundation.  His room consist of one bed and just one sink.

Abdul Sattar Edhi- The man who saved the poor

He was the man who did something for the safety of the poor as well as for the destitute. He was the who mobilized and convinced the people of Pakistan to give donations. Do you know that he had been nominated many of the time for the Nobel Peace Prize? He had a tireless work in his life and now he has gone to sleep for good.

Abdul Sattar Edhi A Legend Of Pakistan National Hero

Abdul Sattar Edhi A Legend Of Pakistan National Hero

Abdul Sattar Edhi worked for the people. He was humble, he had a simple and an enormous and big heart. He will always remain our legend. All the future generations who are yet to come, this man and legend will always remain their source of inspiration. One should learn from this legend, he is the one who knows what is humanity real meaning!


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