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Ali Moeen Nawazish An Academic Name Of Pakistan

There is no doubt about it that Ali Moeen Nawazish is the Pakistani wonder-kid. He has been the very first student so far in the world who has successfully achieved 23 straight As in A-level examination along with the highest marks in 22 subjects. He has now earned a place in the Guinness book of world records. He is the winner of several awards. He also got the coveted ‘Pride of Performance’.This award was given to him because of his  achievement in leading newspapers and also in the TV and also in the global media. Right now, he has been working on a project named as stepUP Pakistan. The aim pf this project is to educate the illiterate masses.

stepUP Pakistan- Project by Ali Moeen Nawazish

  • Nawazish is of this view that this stepUP Pakistan will come out as a platform that will for sure be taking our country right to the next level in terms of education. With the help of lectures and also seminars, conferences, education will be given to the masses. By the use of e-learning methods, an educated Pakistan will come out.
  • His Urdu teacher, Asif Rashid has also helped him a lot with regard to the completion of this project. Asif Rashid has created and developed Urdu lecture projects.
  • This is a kind of programme that will be able to promote online learning. Access to free lectures will be given to each and every student. Ali Moeen Nawazish is of ultimate faith and aim to make education accessible to each and every corner street of Pakistan
  • He is also planning to set up and creating an endowment fund to get start with a scholarship scheme. This scholarship scheme will be for all of the brightest students who are studying at the primary and also at the secondary level.

Ali Moeen Nawazish

What kind of resources are needed for this stepUP Pakistan project?

  • Ali said so that we are in need of a human resource for this subjected programme. We are also in need of technical equipment like that of camera and editing console.
  • We are also in need of financial assistance so that we can better start with the endowment fund for scholarships.
  • This particular programme after three and 10 years will come out as a miracle. You will also be able to see that right after 5 years. at least one school will also be able to run under the stepUP Pakistan.

My View

We wish all the best Ali Moeen Nawazish for this amazing project! We need to have more and more this kind of youth in Pakistan.

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