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Ayesha Farooq Pilot Female Fighter, Height, Death, History

We all remember Ayesha Farooq as being the war-ready female fighter pilot so far in Pakistan. She is from Bahawalpur. She has been one of those19 women who have successfully become pilots in our Pakistan Air Force. We have also five other female brave fighter pilots in this sector. It has now been seen that growing and massive number of women have been joining Pakistan’s defence forces. The attitude towards women have been changing and it is a positive sign now. It is the need of the time that all of us should be on our toes because terrorism and also our geographical location is quite critical.

Why Ayesha Farooq opted to become a pilot?

  • It was told by Ms Farooq that she has a widowed and also an uneducated mother. It was way back seven years ago when she just made up her mind that she wants to be the part of air force.
  • She is also of this view that we are living in such kind of society where girls cannot at all thin of this profession.Ms Farooq always wanted to fly an aircraft, that is why she turns this dream of her into reality.
  • Ms Farooq is of this belief that just because of the family pressure and also because of the traditionally male domain society, our girls fail to find out their potential. It is the time that more of the ladies should now be joining the Pakistan air force.
  • We have now about 4,000 women in our country’s armed forces. Most of them and largely these women have been confined to desk jobs and also to the medical work. This kind of scenario should be changed.


Ayesha Farooq Pilot Female Fighter, Height, Death, History

Ayesha Farooq Female Fighter Pilot

My View

Now all of the women should be bringing change in their personalities. It will not at all matter now if they will become sky marshals or if they will be defending Pakistan’s commercial liners. We have now 316 women in the PAF and we used to have 100 five years ago. This number should keep on be increasing. Women should also now be defending their frontlines. If Pakistan will be able to give birth to these kind of women like that of we have Ayesha Farooq, then no power can stop Pakistan to become a developed and also a safe and sound country.

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