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Dr Arjumand Hashmi The Mayor Of Paris Texas

For the information, Mayor Arjumand Hashmi is a Pakistani-born cardiologist. He is one of the United States’ most improbable kinds of politicians. You can also say that he is a Texan, he is also a Muslim. He is a Republican, he is a doctor by profession and he is also the mayor of Paris. We also came to know that Dr Arjumand Hashmi campaigned one of seven city councilors and then he managed to won. He has also voted as a mayor by the council. Let us all check out in detail about him:

Who is Dr Arjumand Hashmi?

He is the mayor of Paris. He has that personality that makes him to get this position inspite of the fact that he is a Muslim. He has all the time surprised local agencies because of him impromptu visits right during his lunch hour. He has been serving as a cardiologist and also leader of a local of its kind of hospital catheterization laboratory. We have seen that Dr. Hashmi is in his early 50s. He wakes up at 3:30 a.m and prays three daily prayers. His entire day routines keeps on rotating between the professions of being a doctor and then a mayor, and also as a mayor.

Dr Arjumand Hashmi The Mayor Of Paris Texas

If at one point on his day, he takes a tour of his patients then at the other point of his day, he gets on to inspect Paris’s water plant. It was also speculated that when Mayor Arjumand Hashmi became the Mayor of Paris then these kinds of rumours started to emerge that he wants to take out and drive Christianity out from the Paris. It was also rumoured that Mayor Arjumand Hashmi wants to build a mosque and he is also a terrorist. But with his efforts, with his honesty and also hard work, he rejected and falsified all of these rumours and fake news about him.

How Mayor Arjumand Hashmi won the trust of Paris?

Now, Mayor Arjumand Hashmi  has been re-elected this year 7-0.) Now today all of the Paris local citizens speak about him as a breath of fresh air. He has all the time tried to save this city from the factor of cronyism. He has all the time taken a different kind of approach. While answering the phones, he has all the time said “Salaam aleikum” and also his Pakistani accent remains strong and firm most of the time.

My View:

Mayor Arjumand Hashmi needs a massive tribute of handling issues in Paris despite of the fact that he is a Muslim. We all are proud on him being a Muslim.

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