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Muhammad Hanif Kohinoor Of Cricket In Pakistan

Muhammad Hanif can be called as then Kohinoor of Pakistan cricket team. We still remember the time when he played the test match against the West Indies team for 3.5 days. He managed to remain their on that pitch for 970 minutes. This international record is still the same and not a single batsman has broken this international record. This legend has left us now, he died at the age of 82. He taught us how to play a real one cricket in the sports field.

Muhammad Hanif- The actual Kohinoor of Pakistan cricket team

  • It is seen that in his entire and whole test career, he made 12 centuries and whenever he mad made the centuries, the Pakistani cricket team always faced victory in their matches. In his first class cricket, he by far made 55 in a number of centuries. These 55 centuries retained for 36 years and no one could break this record for 36 years.

Muhammad Hanif Kohinoor of Cricket In Pakistan

  • His first test match was with the Indian cricket team and this was also the first test match of Pakistan cricket team. In that test match, he played for 3 hours and 40 minutes and made 51 runs. In the test cricket, he is the very first player in the Pakistan cricket team who made this half century. Then in the other first-class match, he made a double century.
  • In the 11 test matches, he also remained the captain of his team. In the first class cricket, he has played 238 in number matches. He is also the first batsman who made a century on his own home ground.

Muhammad Hanif, this cricket world and especially this Pakistani cricket team will always remember you. You were a legend for all of us, you tell us how to bat and how to play cricket. Pakistan cricket team has lost a legend, we hope that our cricketers might have learned a lot from him.

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