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Pakistan Wants UNSC Resolutions Implementation On Kashmir Issue

It is reported that the Senate of Pakistan now wants the complete implementation of UN Resolutions on Kashmir Issue. Just a few days, a unanimous resolution has been passed in which all of the Senate members have agreed on this point that complete implementation of UN Resolutions on Kashmir Issue is the need of the time now.

Senate of Pakistan Wants Implementation Of UN Resolutions On Kashmir Issue

  • Senate is of this view that all of the Kashmiri people have their right to self-determination. They should be deciding their own fate and destiny. It is the need of the hour that these Indian draconian laws should be removed as soon as possible.
  • The Senate of Pakistan has urged the international community, they have given an urgent and emergency call to all of the inter-parliamentary organizations and to the inter governmental organizations to think on this issue.

Kashmir Issue

  • For the information, it is the second resolution passed by the Senate of Pakistan in this single week. As we know that in this Indian-held Kashmir, we have been seeing brutal killings and also restrictions on freedom of expression each after the other day. Human rights are violated over there and it is the time that Kashmiris should be given their due right.
  • If we just discuss the current killings of Kashmiris by the Indian armed forces then they have reached to 50 in number and 3500 people have been injured so far. 150 number of people have been made blind.

It is now the 5th generation of Kashmiris people who have been witnessing and seeing the genocidal policies of Indian armed forces. We need to save our Kashmiri people. We share history, religion, norms, value and culture with our Kashmiri people. We cannot leave them like this. Let us all stand for our Kashmiri people. The complete implementation of UN Resolutions on Kashmir Issue should be done now. No time should be wasted on this sensitive issue.

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