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Proposed Solar Plants In Balochistan Energy Future In Pakistan

For the information, the governments of Canada and also the government of Balochistan have signed an agreement. According to this agreement, they will sooner be setting up solar plants of 1,000MW. This project will be carried out in different and varied parts of the province of Balochistan. This proposal wad made a few times back and now an agreement has been signed between both of these governments. Check out the details of this agreement:

Government of Canada and Balochistan Government agreement:

This agreement has been signed and made finalised because the government of Balochistan made use of its constitutional powers that were actually devolved to it right under the 18th Amendment. It is to be noted that the Balochistan government commenced its meetings directly with the Canadian government. They asked for the investment in their energy sector. Then their meetings come out to be a successful one.



Details of the agreement- 1,000MW solar power plant

Chief Secretary Saifullah Chattah told the media that they have signed the agreement. This process of signing the agreement took place in Islamabad where the Canadian officials were also present. This agreement states that a Canadian firm will be establishing a 50MW plant in the different areas of the province. In this way, this province will be able to meet its electricity requirement.

20 locations- Solar power plants will be setup here

It is reported that all of these 20 locations will be able to be selected right after consultation with all of these parliamentary parties. In few days, some of the Canadian experts will also be making a visit to Quetta so that they can complete the other proceedings of this plan. Chief Minister Nawab Sanaullah Khan Zehri told the media that we are focusing on proper planning so that this project can be completed in its early years. The role of Balochistan Investment Board has also been coming out to be a positive one because they are trying to bring more of the investment in their Balochistan province.

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