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Story Of Pakistani Students In Formula SAE Lincoln 2016 Leading Student Design Competition

The race of Pakistani students is all on now! Our Pakistani students took part in the US- The Formula SAE Lincoln 2016. It is one of the biggest student designing competition event. This Pakistani team was the only Asian team that took part in this competition.

Story Of Pakistani Students In Formula SAE Lincoln 2016

US- The Formula SAE Lincoln 2016: Participation of PNEC-NUST student

  • This competition took place in the last week of June 2016. The students from PNEC-NUST Karachi presented and showed their idea that was named as SAE Formula Electric car.
  • Total 33 teams were there and they managed to take the 16th spot. This competition had students from McGill and MIT university as well.
  • For the information, this The Formula SAE Lincoln is an engineering project. It is an extremely highly valued project by all of the engineering universities of Pakistan. This event had its very first competition started in the year of 1979.
  • According to this competition, the team come up with a formula racing car, they do the designing and styling, research and assembling and testing as well as development of this proto car.

PNEC-NUST student- what do they think about this US- The Formula SAE Lincoln 2016

  • It was told by the students that when they got this 16th spot then it was a moment of much proudness for themselves. The team first took advice from their faculty members and they started their recruitment phase. With the advice of their professor, the stages of research was instantly started by them.
  • Their team comprises of total 22 members and after making a team, they start looking and searching for the sponsors of their project. The major problem of their funding was right away solved with the help of a bank because their program of students Rising Talent program helped them a lot.

We are so much proud on these students! May these Pakistani students keep on be shining the name of their country all the time.

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