FMC International Men’s PSA Squash Championship Lahore 06 May Semis 07 May Final 2016

It is unfortunate that society in Pakistan is not realizing its importance in Pakistan itself as compared to another world. I am saying such when I have read news headlines that 48 top players from all over the world are going to perform in 4th FMC International men squash championship here in Punjab Squash Complex in Lahore. It is a duty on all of us to promote such events because these events are full of energy and respond ideally with an international field. The announcement made in the newspaper was buzzed by the FMC managing director Farooq Shahid.

FMC International Men’s PSA Squash Championship 06 May Semis 07 May Final 2016

FMC International Squash Championship 2016

The sponsorship of these national level events showed that passion of games are still there in Pakistan and equally reflect the demand. It would be 4th event of Squash as happening and now just towards semis and finals. The $15000 prize is enough for those who actually waiting for participating such big event in terms of financial aspect. The best thing about this year and all previous years events are the inclusion of senior members along junior as well because skills not bound to experience but to struggle. The one who struggle for the title would get it in a perfect manner rather one who actually did rely on experience on the basis of familiarity and seniority only.

The basic purpose is to promote the event and show that how Pakistan is able to come back with game culture rather the terror in the country. The local players promotion is possible through such kind of international games here on home ground. It is another aspect psychologically that local players would think that Pakistan squash administration is thinking about the local stuff rather international. The event, as well as other such events, can increase the ranking of national players at international level. The semis would be played here on 6th May of Israr Ahmed with Farhan Mehboob and second round with Waqar Mahboob and Ahmad Fareed. There is a curiosity in international Squash segments that what would be the result of 07 May finals.

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