Shandur Polo Festival Schedule From 29 July 2016 Video Shandoor

Shandur Polo Festival will be starting from 29th July 2016. It will be a three-day festival and Gilgit-Baltistan has decided and made up their mind to be the part of this Shandur Polo Festival. GB had a long dialogue with the government of KPK and then GB reached on this decision that they will become the part of this festival.

Shandur Polo Festival

Shandur Polo Festival- starting from 29th July 2016

  • It was reported that GB did not want to participate and take part in this festival because they were having a dispute and debate with the KPK government. This dispute was related to the lingering territory. KP and GB government had this debate for 3 years. They also accused the KPK government that they have monopolized their own sports idea.
  • Then a meeting took place between the representative of KPK and GB. They came up with a solution and sorted out their dispute issues. It was heard that GB wanted to organize this Shandur Polo Festival on their own. But this could not happen so! Now GB has sent their own polo teams to KPK.
  • The dialogue between the parties of KPK and GB came out to be a successful one and now this Shandur Polo Festival will turn out to be successful one as well. A very constructive and productive decision has been taken by both of the parties of KPK and GB.

The good news is that this exciting festival will be starting from 29th July 2016. KPK and GB parties have sorted out their issues and differences. As soon as this festival will be starting and will be making its progress, we will let you know. If you get a chance to watch this festival live then do not miss this chance. Stay tuned because more Shandur Polo Festival updates and news will be given to you. Such kinds of festivals should keep on be taking place.

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