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Dewar E Meherbani And Khana Ghar Ways To Serve Humanity In Pakistan

As all of us know that Dewar E Meherbanin and Khana Ghar are one of the greatest initiatives that have been started in Pakistan. Both of them are working on such noble causes. We salute to them. It is because of them no one can put an evil eye on our country. Here you can have a look at their achievements and contributions they have made for the betterment of humanity.

Dewar E Meherbanin

If you have seen the walls of Hayatabad then you must also have noticed this Dewar E Meherbanin wall. Here, people hang out their clothes and people who are in need take those clothes. This wall is located in Peshawar. A commendable work was done by some students. It is a charity wall. The basic purpose of this Dewar E Meherbanin wall is that if you want to donate your clothes then you are welcome to do so by hanging your clothes on this wall. This noble drive has been started by Asad Ali Lodhi, Omar, and Daniyal along with their some of the companions. Asad Ali told the media that he got a much positive response from the people of KPK. People were so generous towards this cause that they were willing to even to donate their new clothes.

Dewar E Meherbani

Khana Ghar

It was in the year 2002 when Parveen Saeed started this noble cause. It was a long time ago when she heard this news that a mother killed her own 2 children because she could not feed them. She did not have money so she killed her own children. From that day, Parveen decided that she will make sure, no one sleep hungry in Pakistan. In Karachi, she started this Khana Ghar. She gives meals to the poor and they give them only Rs. 3 only. She told that around 300 of the people have their meals and food from Khana Ghar. It is located in Khuda ki Basti, Karachi. In the year 2009, Parveen managed to open another branch of it.

Khana Ghar

Dewar E Meherbanin and Khana Ghar need an applause from all of us, we salute them and pray that may each and every Pakistan work and think like this.

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