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Eid Ul Fitr A Symbol Of Unity of Muslim Ummah Essay

Eid Ul Fitr has all the time been a symbol and a sign of unity and brotherhood for each of the Muslim. On this day, the entire Muslim Ummah community gets united on one single platform. On this celebrating day, they forget that they are enemies to each other and consider each of themselves as friends. It is the day to show love and compassion for each other. This day tell us not to fight with each other and keep on show love and care for each other.

How Eid Ul Fitr Is A Symbol Of Unity of Muslim Ummah?

On Eid Ul Fitr, the whole family gets reunited. They eat on a single table, they share their food, they share smiles and laughs with each other. They hug and chat for hours and hours with each other. It is the sweetest days because, on Eid day, sweet dishes are especially made.

Apart from the unity of families, on this rejoicing day, Muslim Ummah community do feel for the poor community as well. As this Eid comes right after the month of Ramadan, so Muslim Ummah try their level best to give as much charity and donations to their poor community as they can. Even on Eid day, they first offer and sweet dish to the poor people.

Eid Ul Fitr A Symbol Of Unity of Muslim Ummah Essay

  • This Eid Ul Fitr day teaches them to celebrate Eid with Poor people too. A Muslim gets to learn that rich and poor status does not matter. This small Eid brings all of the Muslims on one single platform despite the fact that they are rich or they are poor!

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On each and every, we have these three 3 special days of Eid Ul Fitr that tell us that how much unity, love, warmth, care, compassion, brotherhood is important for a Muslim Ummah community. All of the Muslims should try to keep in mind these golden rules forever in their lives. In this way, each day of their lives will be an Eid day!

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