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How E-Courts Works In Pakistan And Electronics Courts Best For Easy Justice

It is seen that the introduction of E-Courts have all the time made justice much and more accessible for the poor community. It is a fact that these Electronics Courts in Pakistan can work in a more productive way. They can ensure better and speedy justice, this kind of justice system can ensure more effective protection and security of the witnesses as well.

How E-Courts Works In Pakistan

How do E-Courts work In Pakistan?

It was just last month back when an accountability court in Pakistan has been shifted into an E-Court. The proceedings of the case have been recorded with the help of skype and video links. It was in the year of 2012 during the Memogate commission when Husnain Haqqani made a recording of their statements with the help of video links. Also in the Benazir Bhutto case, the recording of Mark Seigal has recorded with the use of video links. It has been reported by Syed Mansoor Ali Shah who is the Chief Justice of Lahore high court that E-Courts will be able to set up throughout the Punjab province.

The system of E-Courts is cost effective

Do you know that if a prisoner will be brought to court then the cost will come out to be Rs 50,000 per day? Yes, it is true! Apart from this cost, threats to lawyers and prisoners and judges are also witnessed. If the accused has to be present then its presence can be ensured with the help of skype. These E-Courts can work better for the cases which are related to terrorism.

Some of the critics are of this view that this system of E-Courts will not be able to do a better cross-examination of an accused. Through this system, a judge will not be able to better decide that whether an accused has given satisfactory answers or not. Let us all see that how far this system will be working effectively in Pakistan.

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