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Celebrate Eid Ul Fitr 2017 After Ramadan In Pakistan

Eid Ul Fitr is one of the religious festivals and celebrations we have in Islam! On this special day, our families got united, they eat together, they spend time together. They eradicate and wash away the differences from their minds. Eid Ul Fitr is a day of celebration. On these special 3 days, we feel for the poor, we share out things, clothes, food with poor. It is since old times that this special and happiest festival is celebrated with extreme excitement and passion.

How should you celebrate Eid Ul Fitr?

  • To celebrate this Eid Ul Fitr properly, it is important for you to first observe all of your 30 fasts in the month of Ramadan. On this special Eid day, you should be offering your Eid prayer first. This prayer consists of two of the Rakats. Men usually offer this Eid prayer in large and big fields and women offer this Eid prayer at their homes.

Ramadan Calendar 2017

  • It is normal practise that on this celebrating day, you should be waking up early in the morning, like before the sunrise. Clean your teeth and do take a shower before you offer your Eid prayer. It will be a Sunnat for you if you will wear new clothes on this Eid and also put on some perfume and scent on your body.
  • Before you step out from your home to offer Eid prayer of yours, it will be nice if you have a date. Give as much charity on this day as you can. Try to celebrate your Eid with poor and needy people. It is the day of happiness. So, if you are happy then you should also bring smiles on the faces of needy people too. You should be going on your foot when you offer Eid prayer. It will consider as Sunnat.

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Eid Ul FitrĀ  is just coming in few days, make sure that you do celebrate this best festival with utmost happiness, Gift something to the poor and needy ones and share your happiness with them too.

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