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Kashmir Issue Lots Of Hype And Low Expectations

It is a sad reality for the people of Pakistan that till now, we have been seeing this Kashmir Issue through this narrow prism. This kind of strategy will take us to nowhere! Each after the other day, high-level kinds of meetings keep on taking between the officials of Pakistan and India and zero results are seen. The hype of these meetings are always high and massive but people expect low from these meetings.

Kashmir Issue- Pakistan government view this Kashmir Issue through this narrow prism

Kashmir Issue Lots Of Hype And Low Expectations

  • As we know that Cyprus is now heading and moving toward this reunification process but where this Kashmir Issue stands now! We are still standing in this endless conflict and debate. This single point agenda and the issue are still not fixated and solved by Pakistan or India.
  • China has always shown support in the favor of Kashmir Issue with regard to the Pakistan side. It has urged and convinced all the time to both of the parties that they need to solve and sort out this Kashmir Issue.
  • We, the government of Pakistan should realize and understand this fact that this issue cannot at all be solved by warfare, this issue cannot be solved by diplomatic means. Both of these options will not change the status quo of this issue.
  • Though we have seen that Parvez Musharraf tried to start and initiate these back channel talks and discussion with regard to this issue. But this dialogue was also derailed by these political storms.
  • We need to come up with some fresh thinking if we want to solve this Kashmir Issue. We need to think from a broader perspective, we need to come out from this narrow prism.

It should be understood by both of the countries Pakistan and India that this lonely and isolated path will take us to nowhere and it is a stark reality which should be accepted by us

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