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Kite Flying Ban In Lahore Not Accepted By Society

In Pakistan, we each after the other day see and witness this rapid practice of kite flying. Why is it so? Why our police authorities are the concerned departments not keeping a close on this kite flying practice. Each after the other day, kids are being injured, kids are being killed, they make their bones fractured because of this kite flying. A few days back, the Shahdara police has captured and detailed 4 of the people who were accused and charged with making and selling kites. They are now police custody and investigations are in the process that why they were carrying out this illegal activity despite the fact that kite flying is ban in Pakistan.

Kite Flying- Ban In Lahore

  • In this Lahore city, we have especially seen this fact and practice that people from the Old Lahore site, they do not leave this kite flying practice. People from those areas are heavily and massively involved in kite making and kite flying practices. We need to take some serious action.

Kite Flying Ban In Lahore

  • For how much longer time, our kids will get injured! For how much longer duration, our kids will fall from their roofs to catch those kite strings. If in your society or community, you see any one making these kites and or flying kites, you should right away report to your nearest police station.
  • We should not understand that this kite flying sport is not at all safe sport. Kids fly and catch these kites in an unsafe way, they fall from roofs, they cut their hands and necks because of these sharp kite strings.

The government of Pakistan should put up a permanent ban in each and every city of Pakistan with regard to this kite flying. We need to make our kids safer. We need to make people of Pakistan safer from this kite flying habit. We should accept this fact that this kite flying is not safe for us and our children.

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