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Namaz Momin Ki Meraj Hai In Urdu And English Essay

Namaz is one of the important 5 pillars of Islam. Right on the judgment day, the very first question that will be asked of us by Allah will be regarding Namaz and Prayers. If a Muslim wants to get inner peace, if he wants to have a peaceful life then he or she should be offering his or her prayers five times a day. The regular offering of prayers takes you out from all sorts of tough times. Allah gets happy with you when you offer prayer without making any delay. Check out from here that how much Namaz is important for a Muslim:

If a Muslim wants to remember Allah, if he wants to feel the closeness with Allah then Namaz is the only way. By offering 5 times in a day, he becomes closer to Allah. Namaz is the direct way to have a direct communication with Allah. If you will perform prayers with sincerity and clean heart then all troubles and difficult times will move away from your life.

  • It is through Namaz that Allah washes away your sins. Make sure that while performing Namaz, your mind should be free from all sorts of materialistic things and issues. It is the best source with the help of it you can take to your Allah Almighty. If you will be offering Salat then you will come closer to your Allah Almighty.

Namaz Momin Ki Meraj Hai In Urdu And English Essay

Namaz Momin Ki Meraj Hai

  • This Namaz makes a direct connection between you and your Allah Almighty. It is true that Namaz Momin Ki Meraj because it has that power to keep and let you stay away from doing evil and bad things.
  • If you want to get get a heart and also a pure soul then offering 5 times a day can only be the solution. You will get a satisfactory heart, you will get a satisfactory soul. To get countless blessings from your Allah, you should not make delay while offering Namaz.

It is hence true that Namaz Momin Ki Meraj Hai.

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