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NGO Funding And Its Effects On Pakistan

A recent development has been taken by the federal government to regulate the laws of NGOs and other charity organisations. The federal government has taken this decision to keep on monitoring the activities of NGOs. This initiative has been taken so that ways can be choked out of terror financing. Officials of the Ministry of Interior, officials of State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) and also the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) agreed on this point. History ahs showed us that many of the banned terrorist organizations fund themselves from unregistered NGOs. The government of Pakistan has taken this massive step so that an immediate and an instant full stop can be put up on these terror activities.

Positives of monitoring the activities of NGOs

  • No terror financing will be carried through the help of these NGOs.
  • Terrorists always finance themselves through the support of unregistered NGOs. That’s why the government has taken this decision to block all of the banking services of NGOs if they will not be registered within six months.
  • These news laws will be able to control terror financing. Because previous laws were quite insufficient to control suspicious funding.
  • Registration of religious-based organisation will be the main target. Federal and also provincial governments will try to register all of the non-profit organisations (NPOs) and the NGOs.
  • Through this monitoring the activities of NGOs, the government will be able to streamline NGOs under different kinds of laws.

My view

We are in need of continuous and complete monitoring of proscribed organisations and also individuals. It is according to the recent data that a total of 643 NGOs had been registered by the time of December, 2014. From now on, all of the NGOs needs to be revalidated right after every five years. By following the proscription process of these UNSC designated Pakistani- based groups under the act ATA1997, Pakistan government is really pushing hard to stop this terror funding. SBP should also play its due role to bar all of the banking services to proscribed individuals.

 NGOs and nonprofit organisations, Local and international NGOs needs to be monitored at all levels. Officials at the district level, provincial government and federal government, Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan and the Ministry of Interior should now be performing their duty with 100% passion. Lets pray that with this initiative, no terrorist activity happens in Pakistan.


DAWN Newspaper 09/01/2016

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