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Punjab Police Computerized Online Checking System

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We have been getting these reports that now Punjab Police system will be made computerized one. It will be until the month of Dec 2016 that we might be able to get a computerized Punjab police system. IG Punjab Mushtaq Ahmed Sukhera told the media that now a report of cases will be made online because Punjab Police Computerized Online Checking System.

Need of Punjab Police Computerized Online Checking System

  • We have been in need of such kind of computerized checking system since ages. As the world has been changing and the place of registers have now been taken by USB’s and data storage devices. IG Punjab told the media that it is since 20 years that he has been thinking on this initiative. Though computerized checking system of Revenue projects have already been carried on. It is the time that Punjab police system should also be made computerized.


New Uniform Of Punjab Police

  • If we will not make an entry into this IT world then we will not be able to give service to the common people. Without IT and computerized checking systems, there will be no accountability. He told the media that though a post an Additional Director IT was made, a branch of computerized checking systems in Qurban Line was setup but nothing beneficial was gained because of these initiatives.
  • By far in 210 of the police stations, computerized front desks have been setup. In the remaining 502 police stations, computerized front desks will be set up by 15th Dec 2016. With regard to the funding of this system, each of the police station has been handed over 7 lakh rupees. Around 1 lakh and 80 thousand police officers data have been registered and entered in this computerized system.

Punjab Police Computerized Online Checking System

A great work has been by the department of Punjab police. With the arrival of this computerized checking system, all the complaints and FIRs will be made computerized and proper check and balance will be made on time.

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